Digital Registration: Documents Required

The main documents required for digital registration are on the picture above, if you are doing it by yourself.

However, if you like an agent or third person (such as accountants, lawyers, consultants or the like) to do it on your behalf, there will be an additional documents, which is a “Consent Letter“.

The consent letter will state that you are authorizing the agent to do the digital registration on one’s behalf.

It must be signed by all the directors (in case of companies) or partners (in case of partnership business).

If you are a foreign investor, then another additional document required will be Foreign Investment Registration Certificate (FIRC) and your Passport Biodata page.

Hope the above helps in providing the much needed information.

Note: The above is not to be taken as full professional advice. Always good to seek further advice.

Contact me, if you have any queries or require further clarification.


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