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Financial Consultants & Tax Agents

Ahmed & Partners is a business consultancy firm based in Nadi, Fiji.

We serve our clients around Fiji irrespective of the demographic location, thanks to the advanced IT system that makes communication and collaboration very easy in this modern age. 

We Specialize In

Taxation Consultancy

Tax is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s or corporate financial affairs. Planning is the key to simplifying taxes and maximizing tax return .

Ahmed & Partners are experts in tax law, planning and compliance. We serve businesses and individuals alike by staying current on new tax law and positioning taxpayers for short- and long-term tax optimization. Our Taxation Consultancy service includes tax planning with a view to decision-making as well as proper analysis of taxation problems and this is based on a scientific and practical method as well as sufficient experience that warrant performing such duties and providing necessary consultations constructively.

Business Services

As Business Services Accountants, we ensure that organisations comply with their tax requirements. We may also assist businesses with tax planning. Ahmed & Partners is primarily responsible for providing taxation support and compliance for a broad range of clients, including accounting firms, banks, business advisories and recruitment firms.

Our tasks and duties include: 

1. Preparing financial statements, including balance sheets, profit and losses, income tax returns and Business Activity Statements (BAS).

2. Delivering specialised and detailed tax and financial advice to clients, and answering taxation or financial queries as required.

3. Assisting with tax advice and planning for clients, which may include setting up new legal entities such as companies or partnerships.

Accounting Software

We have partnered up with Xero accounting software to provide you with the best services possible. 

Xero is a cloud-based small business accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expenses, bookkeeping and more. Xero is an alternative to QuickBooks. It is a modern, small business accounting software that lives in the cloud.

Features of the Xero accounting software include payroll, VAT returns, inventory, bank reconciliation, quotations, multi-currency accounting and much more. 

Foreign Investment Advisory

We bring together a unique combination of knowledge and experience spanning across a range of services including regulatory compliance, fund formation, operational and risk management, tax structuring and fund due diligence.

Tell us about your objectives and challenges – we will find the right Strategies and Partners to achieve your goals regardless whether you are planning to start a new business, expand, diversify, re-position or restructuring your business in order to improve performance and rate of return on investment by becoming more competitive and profitable.

We specialise mainly on various facets of business consultancy and compliance and deal with various Government agencies, on almost everyday basis.

Registrar of Companies

The Statutory obligation of the Registrar of Companies authorised under the Ministry of Justice of Fiji is to provide you with the services of registering your entity. The Registrar is responsible for registering Business names, Companies, Credit Union and Money Lenders. We have registered more than 10,000 records that are currently maintained by the registry.

Since registration of business name, company, credit union and money lender is a statutory obligation, the Registrar has, in its initiative improve its services to the general public and the whole of Fiji. As our aim is to make registration accessible to the public and be authoritative source of entity information. An online platform has been created and made available since June 2019 for registering your business name and company.

Fiji Revenue and Customs Services

The Fiji Revenue & Customs Service is the major funder of the National Budget. Apart from our primary mandate, FRCS continues to partner and support other government initiatives as needed.

Their strategic plan is aligned with the Government’s national plan to ensure sustainable and effective performance.

The FRCS is a statutory organisation established under the FRCS Act 1998 that is governed by a Board and administered by a Chief Executive Officer.

Their role is to collect taxes and duties on behalf of government, provide quality advice on tax and customs matter to all stakeholders, facilitate trade and travel & protect the borders. 

Immigration Fiji

The Department of Immigration (DOI) under the Office of the Prime Minister is responsible for providing an efficient and effective Immigration service through the administration and enforcement of the following Laws: Immigration Act 2003 and Regulations; Passport Act 2002 and Regulations; and Citizenship Act 2009 and Regulations.

The Department also aligns itself to the UN Convention on Refugees, the UN Convention on Transnational Organised Crime and its Protocols. (TIP), the ILO Convention (Labour Mobility), and ICAO (Passports and other Travel Documents). The strategic goals and objectives of the DOI are geared towards ensuring the integrity of Fiji’s borders and the effective management of people movements into and out of Fiji.

Investment Fiji

Investment Fiji was created in 1980 under the Economic Development Board Act No. 11 to promote, stimulate and facilitate economic development in Fiji.

Though a Statutory Organisation, Investment Fiji operates independently as the marketing arm of the Fiji Government to provide services and assistance to promote, facilitate and stimulate increased investments and exports.

Investment Fiji provides a range of services to promote investments and the development of industries and enterprises as well as to increase exports of goods and services.

Investment Fiji works for the benefit of the national economy by creating employment opportunities, raising economic activity and bringing in foreign exchange to the country, thereby increasing Fiji’s economic growth and prosperity prospects. Through this core function of promoting and facilitating investment and exports, Investment Fiji helps raise Fiji’s standard of living and contributes to the eradication of poverty.

Investment Fiji undertakes regulatory functions, promotional activities and advisory and information services to meet its objectives. Investment Fiji also acts as a liaison between Government, the private sector and regional and international agencies.

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